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What better place to celebrate the 4th of July than in Philadelphia -- the cradle of liberty where not only did our founding fathers draft the constitution but where the first balloon launched nearly two hundred years ago! The Mid-Atlantic Section of The Ninety Nines invites all Ninety-Nines and their families to join us for the 2018 International Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 3-8 for fireworks, friends, fabulous seminars and flying.



For a complete conference schedule, download our PDF of the schedule. As new and exciting additions are made, we will update this schedule, so please check back periodically.



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Join us for the "Flight Path to Success" Career Expo. This full day event will give you the information you need to create your pathway to success. We are inviting the largest airlines, the NBAA and the military for a day of panels on how to get where you want go. This event also includes the opportunity to meet with career counselors who will be available to discuss how to put your best face forward on your applications, how to get that interview and do's and don’ts for when you get to the interview. We will end the day with a discussion from The 99s' Professional Pilot Leadership Program on how The 99s can help you get there. For more information, visit



Wednesday, July 4th

FLYING THE NY SFRA “Special Flight Rules Area” (Doug Stewart)
2:00 PM
| Flying the NY SFRA is an effective way to transition the New York Metropolitan area and is also an awe-filled scenic flight. However, the risks are numerous and the flight could become awful rather than awe-filled. This seminar presents all the rules, hazards and risks, and then shows how to fly the route safely. Learn all the important, as well as mandated, reporting points, the difference between “transient” and “local” altitudes, where and how the helicopters operate, the proper frequencies to use along with suggested proper phraseology. The knowledge gained from this seminar will allow you to fly the corridor safely and with reduced risk to all aircraft in the airspace. For more information, visit the FAA website.


Thursday, July 5th

Identifying Threats and Errors and How to Mitigate Them in General Aviation (Juliet Lindrooth)
9:30 AM
| Threats and Errors exist in all areas of Aviation. But the most dangerous place is in the cockpit of your airplane. This discussion will take a look at the most common threats and errors and how we can mitigate them using Crew Resource Management techniques taught at the major airlines adapted for General Aviation.

Get on Board - Serving as a Nonprofit Board of Directors (Barbara E. Little)
9:30 AM
| Enthusiasm and the desire to make a positive difference is fundamentally why many of us serve on nonprofit boards of directors. Such fundamental skills are just the starting point for actual board service. This seminar explores the roles, responsibilities, and legal obligations of nonprofit board members.

When Your Plane Flies On - Estate Planning for Airplane Owners (Barbara E. Little)
11:00 AM
| Truth or Myth: Estate planning is just for the rich and famous or at least the old and wise. Myth! Through an interactive presentation, we will (a) explore why anyone 18 years or older needs an estate plan; (b) turn the legalese into terms we can comprehend; (c) identify the different ways to create a legacy (a.k.a. how to give our stuff away); and (d) apply and address the complicated issues that may arise if you own an aircraft at the time of your death.

The Softer Side of Safety (Penny Levin)
1:00 PM
| As pilots, we crave the chance to meet as a group and discuss the aspects of safety that matter so much to our day-to-day flying, and this seminar is just that opportunity! Our focus will be on The Softer Side of Safety that rarely is mentioned but accounts for so many accidents, incidents and “close calls.” This workshop will integrate informational material with a lively discussion of those ideas in the context of actual accident and incident scenarios.

3 R's of Respecting your Money (Lydia Holiat)
2:30 PM
| Navigating your monthly financial statements can be a challenge. Understanding what you’re looking at and knowing the right questions to ask can help you better understand your overall financial status. This session will teach attendees about Reading monthly statements, Rebalancing a portfolio, and Reviewing questions to ask a trusted advisor, which will provide a simple plan for taking control of your finances.

Maximizing “L.I.F.T.” - Leading Into the Future Together (99s Board of Directors)
2:30 PM
| Members will have the opportunity to participate in conversations of most interest to them, with a focus on leadership, membership recruitment and retention, and best practices for Chapters and Sections. Conversations will be facilitated by leaders who will share their experience and knowledge, and solicit ideas from participants. This is a fast-paced, high-energy session!

The Drone Evolution (Kathleen "Kat" Swain)
2:30 PM
| Since evolving from military and hobbyist use, the commercial UAS (drone) industry has seen rapid growth. From the early days of the Section 333 exemptions to the FAA’s release of Part 107 in August of 2016, new uses of drone technology have been seen in almost every business vertical. Flying insurance inspections and humanitarian use of drones to agriculture and mining, it seems that this technology continues to evolve and change the way we see business and the airspace in which we fly.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Enhancing Your Professional Presence

Dr. Karen Lawson | Friday, July 6th | 7:30AM | $20.00

Successful professionals know who they are, where they want to go in their careers, and they develop a plan on how to get there. They also present themselves with poise and confidence in business-related social situations. In this interactive session, Dr. Karen Lawson will share tips and techniques for increasing your personal and professional effectiveness. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Define professional presence and its importance to career success
  • Identify the components of professional presence
  • Build and promote your personal brand
  • Use techniques to build relationships inside and outside your organization
  • Improve your networking effectiveness
  • Increase your visibility and gain recognition

Whether you are just launching your career or are a seasoned professional, Dr. Lawson’s seminar is sure to provide you with insight to take you to the next level of your career.

This seminar is for all professional woman in every industry. Breakfast Options:  Pancakes with bacon or Scrambled eggs with bacon (Either option served at the table with chilled orange juice, freshly-baked muffins, croissants, and bagels with butter, cream cheese and preserves, freshly-brewed coffee, decaf and assorted herbal teas).

Flying into Merritt Field (4PN7) A private airport and home of the Eagles Mere Air Museum (Linda Evans)
| A mandatory briefing for those who plan to fly into Merritt Field to explain some of the idiosyncrasies of flying into Merritt Field (4PN7).

Final Flight, Final Fight (Erin Miller)
11:00 AM
| Recounting the story of the fight to get my grandmother Elaine Harmon, one of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII, recognized as eligible for placement at Arlington.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Beyond (Carol Christian)
12:15 PM
| The Hubble Space Telescope is arguably the most productive science instrument in human history. It has changed our perception of the solar system and the universe beyond. In orbit for 27 years, it has produced astonishing science and is paving the way for the James Webb Telescope to be launched in 2019.

Why Didn't My Awesome Application Win? (Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Trustees)
1:30 PM
| Join the Trustees to learn about tips and receive honest advice about making any application the best it can be. There will be specific information related to making your Fly Now or AEMSF Scholarship application be AWESOME!

Flying to the Bahamas - Getting your “Feet Wet” (Terry Carbonell)
2:45 PM
| An overview of the requirements and the nuts and bolts of making a trip to the Bahamas in your general aviation aircraft.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Legal Stuff Pilots Should Know And It’s Not All FARS (Paul C. Heintz)
12:45 PM
| The legal knowledge of a Pilot should not begin and end with the FARs. This seminar will explore various legal topics of which Pilots need to be aware, including but not limited to:

  • Liability protection
  • Buying and selling airplanes
  • Co-ownership of airplanes
  • Responding to the FAA.

Self-Fly Safaris in Southern Africa (Christina Hanks)
| Learn the possibilities and pleasures of flying your rental Cessna 182 to safari lodges to see southern Africa’s incredible wilderness, animals, and cultural sights. It’s safe; it’s life changing; and it's a trip of a lifetime.

Air Race Classic (Lara Gaerte and Joanne Alcorn)
2:15 PM
| Join racers as they share their passion for air racing. Through this informative session, attendees will learn about air racing and how to get involved. Explore the details behind the race and the ample opportunities to volunteer or sponsor the event. It takes a fleet to put on a race and, from the racers to the volunteers to the sponsors, each role is critical to its success.